I have always been impetuous, disorganized, but able to find something in the mess quickly, and extremely smart but come off as a bit flighty.  I have started looking for more information about why I am different, like a round peg trying to go into a smaller triangular hole.  I have been talking with my psychologist and LCSW providers to figure out what exactly is going on in my head.  

It's been a challenge trying to figure out life.  I have more symptoms with stress. And, I have been having a lot of stress the last few years.  I'm just so tired of feeling so out of whack.

I know there's an answer out there someplace.  I just don't know what the answer is.

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Comment by Tiffany on June 13, 2014 at 12:02pm


All of these do sound like ADHD but they also sound like a normal person also. Maybe you have more symptoms then you realize? Also, more often then none in, ADD people are more prone to try to find something in 5 different places before they actually find the thing they need. I also had trouble every morning with replacing items. I would have my breakfast in my hand and I would go to get my clothes for the day. After I have put on my clothes, I have lost my breakfast. Now it would take 20 minutes for me to find my breakfast. I look everywhere and find it in my closet.(It takes me so long because i wouldnt be able to retrace my steps and remember what I did before)

Lets start off with one of THE most common symptoms:

Daydreaming and racing thoughts

- I could be able to sit down and stare into nothing for 5 hours or for my life. I would never be bored because I'm always thinking. ALWAYS. It could be about how many black clothing I have. Then the next 10 seconds I would be thinking of the orange juice in my freezer. This is different from normal people because we cant control of what we think about. In addition, ADHD people can't stop thinking. Also, my psychiatrist told me ADHD people are not able to catch their thoughts. It is true because of all the years I've lived and all the thoughts Ive thought, i am still not able to remember on thing I've thought of in the past. 

Next, procrastination:

Do you put off your work till the very last minute? I've always had trouble with my work, most times not finishing it until 5 minutes before its due. This is extremely common in adhd people. It is pretty much a fact that ADHD people work best under pressure. 

Tying with procrastination is the ability to obsess over things you love:

See, right now I am supposed to do homework for my SAT class. I am supposed to do 90 pages of homework and memorize 200 words in a day. My teacher said it is guaranteed to take all of my waking hours. Still with that thought, I am on this website typing a full essay on ADHD. See my problem? ADHD people do have a pro side. In things they love, they put all their heart into it. Let me give you another true-life silly example. During FINALS week, I was browsing the computer and instantly found great clothes to buy for next school year. So i took a notebook and wrote down every single outfit i was going to wear for the first to months of summer. It was no blueprint. Each day had specifiaclly what I would wear from my head to my feet, what style my hair would be in, what makeup products I would use, and what nail polish color for the week. Stupid and silly, right? And it wasn't even the end of school yet and I have already chosen the outfits for the next year. Because of this issue, procrastination is always going to happen. One problem of SAT, 1 hour of computer.

Back to thoughts:

In the moment when I realized I was thinking, I would force myself to stop thinking. This would create social anxiety. I would feel like everyone was staring at me and judging me. I would not blink and not realize it until it started to water. Speaking of water, I would constantly drink water in order to calm me down.(It wasnt because of the water itself, but because it distracted me)

Talking of distraction: 

This is exactly what I'm stating. Once I saw the word "water", I completely went to a new topic. Seeing the word "distraction", I got distracted and went on a new topic. As and ADHD person, ANYTHING and i mean anything can distract me. So if you went to my table, there would be nothing on it in order to help me concentrate. (Just because my table has nothing doesn't mean I'm disorganized. I just push everything onto the floor.) All my teachers have accused me of playing with my pens. We would be doing classwork and suddenly I would take my pen and move the pen side to side, watching the ink with a hypnotized face.


Now, extremely extremely a point in ADHD is forgetfulness:

OH GOD. Dont even get me started on the fees I have for my lost textbooks. Maybe 5 textbooks or 6? 

The fact that someone is directly talking to me and I still forget what they said 5 seconds later is a problem. See, I gave up listening in school. I now just self-teach myself. What my phyciatrist did when i sat down with her was that she told me ways in order to change my ADHD. She spoke slowly and looked me in the eye. She gave me three points with a good explanation. I paid extremely close attention because I wanted to gather this info. 10 seconds later she told me to repeat it and I forgot. I can't remember things unless I MEMORIZE word for word. Also, i cant tell you how many times i have stopped in this reply because I forgot what i was writing about.

Now, there are much more symptoms of ADHD but these are the main ones because my psychiatrist asked me specifically on these. I probably went off topic(very ADHD) because looking at you question now, it is different from what i stated. 

AHHHHH now stress. See, ADHD people kind of LIKE STRESS. It pushes people like me into finishing work. I feel like ADHD people don't really have stress because they're so into there own little world and even with loads of things to finish, they simply shrug it off until the last minute. One thing I forgot. ADHD people don't really have good judgement. So their brains won't tell them "Hurry get your work done." or "After you finish, go back to doing your work" 

I hope this helps. Im sorry I wrote alot. Its just I cant go back to my homework if I dont complete this. Hope this helped! 

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