It has been 14 months since my diagnosis of ADHD/Hyperactive-Impulsive Type.  I realize the first 9 months until I published my book was a whirlwind, not unlike the first year of a couple's marriage.  There was excitement about learning new things, a lot of figuring things out, and anticipation about the future.  When I published my book, I was feeling quite the high, similar to a surfer on top of a great wave.  But just like every surfer knows, all waves come into shore.  I found sharing my news about my diagnosis and publishing my book was met with a lot of glassy eyed faces and stoic responses.  I might as well have said "Hey guess what? I have Leprophrenia (a combination of leprosy and schizophrenia)."

The rejection was brutal.  One person I told who I asked to just check out my book cover (I was looking for feedback) chose not only not to respond to my request but cut back on my pet sitting services (I had worked for this client for a  long time and thought we had developed a rapport).  It was like all of a sudden I was no longer the person they thought I was.  It really hit home just how stigmatized the letters ADHD are.

I also thought because I couldn't sustain the wave that I wasn't truly successful.  Now 4 months later, I realize that it isn't about sustaining the wave, it's about the overall quality of life.  I would say my life today is a solid B.  Considering I used to live in D Land, I am quite pleased with a B.  In school, B's meant the honor roll :)

Now that I am post honeymoon and solidly into the "marriage of ADHD", I realize that there is a lot to be said for the word "content."

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Comment by Susan on November 20, 2013 at 3:26pm

People think that ADHD is just a matter of will power and that it is just an excuse.  It is unfortunate.  I hate it when people say that 'everyone is a little ADHD.'  It is a great distortion of a something that can be very painful.  It is as real as being blind or deaf. Somebody can't force themselves to see if they are blind or force themselves to hear if they are deaf.  On the other hand with a great deal of research, habit breaking, and medication I have made great strides. In your case, you do have an entire community of people with ADHD who can appreciate all of the obstacles and struggles that you have had with your life. You are not alone but by writing a book you will change attitudes.  This is a very slow process but it will happen!

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